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Garden Automatic dripper Drip irrigation system

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> Features
1. Automatic Plant Waterer:Without worried your plants withered while you are on holiday with your family. Our automatic pot watering system ideal for watering the indoor flower, outdoor plant or your vegetables during vacation.
2. Fit Most Bottles:Our automatic watering system has inclined reverse plug-in interface design, will compatible with various calibers beverage bottles .
3. Easy To Use:Simple to install, just connect the fit water bottle, and insert the watering stakes into the flower pot, poke some small hole in the bottom of the bottle for exhaust, and then open the control valve.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection:Our irrigation drip does not have electricity consumption, nor energy consumption, very environmental protection. It could provide everything needed to spray water on widely distributed plants. The drip irrigation system saves up to 70% water compared to manual watering.
5. Adjustable water flow. According to the size of the flow, it usually lasts for 1-22 days.
> Note
1. Buying does not include bottles.
2. Because of the display and light problems, there may be color difference, please understand.

Model Number: Auto dripper
Material: Plastic
Type: Watering Kits
Characteristic: Automatic dripping

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