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(កម្មង់មុន)-ប្រដាប់ជូតផ្ទះ-Hands-free flat mop dry and wet household

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Mop type:Flat mop
Corrosion resistance:10level
Load on the mop bar:More than 10kg
Number of boxes:4
Stretch length:140
Product categories:Functional mop
Have an authorized private brand:yes
Packing weight:3
Proportion of new plastics materials:100%New fee
Dehydration rate:90%-100%
Outer box specifications:60*16.8*7.8
Material of mop rod:Stainless steel
Mop material: superfine fibre
Price segment:60-80element
Main downstream platforms:othe
specifications:XFlat-to-silver belt 1 cloth
Splint size:37cm
Whether to import:Whether
brand:Happy Mom/To Be A Happy Mother
Service life:2
No.:XFlat tow with 1 piece of cloth
Dust pushing type:Velcro type


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